Working with the SDK

Differences to the Default Setup

The SDK setup differs in some points from the default installation. The following fit.ini settings are different:

  • FIT_INSTALLATION_ROLE = "devel": Marks the SDK as a development system.
  • FIT_ALLOW_DEBUG_LOGGING = true: Debugging is allowed.
  • FIT_ALLOW_TRANSPORT_MAPPING = true: Transport mapping is enabled.

Log Files

Sevenval FIT logs status and error messages in various files. The SDK makes them available in the directory ~/fit14-devbox/logs/. In case of an error, check these files for useful messages.

While developing with the SDK you should keep an eye on any warnings or errors in the fit_engine.log and the fit_alert.log, for example by watching them with tail:

$ cd ~/fit14-devbox/logs/
$ tail -f fit_engine.log fit_alert.log

Incoming client requests are logged in access_log and phpfpm_access_log. Requests, that FIT sends to the source systems can be found in fit_request.log.

All incoming requests are provided with a unique ID, for example something like VdLtU38AAAEAAApLz@kAAAAn. This identifier will be written to most of the log files and is used to relate corresponding log lines from different files. For example, you can combine the client requests logged in access_log with the error messages collected in fit_engine.log:

$ grep VdLtU38AAAEAAApLz@kAAAAn access_log fit_engine.log

Cache Cleaning

If you change images in your project, cached versions may still reside in the image cache. You can clear the cache with the fitadmin utility:

$ cd ~/fit14-devbox/
$ vagrant ssh -- fitadmin maintenance clearcache <enter your project handle here>