Working with projects

The SDK is intended to be your local developer setup. You can use it for multiple projects at a time. The projects/ sub directory already contains our example site in projects/_default.

You can add multiple projects in that directory. For example, create a project tutorial:

cd ~/fit14-devbox/projects
mkdir tutorial

Now create a site example:

mkdir -p tutorial/sites/example

The project and site directories are mapped to the first and second path segment on the FIT host: call project tutorial and site example under The special name _default uses just / instead of the project or site path. That’s why our example runs under /.

Note that every project folder except _default is git-ignored by the fit14-devbox repo, so you can have your projects in separate repos.

Project & Domains

The SDK supports simple domain mapping (see domains.xml for production version) for projects and sites.

The project tutorial and site example is also available under:

If you want to run with the SDK, add at your /etc/hosts and use the SDK / DevBox IP. Rename tutorial and example to example and www.