Updates and Releases

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We consider the DevBox as a disposable container that can be deleted at any time. Don’t worry, your project code in the projects/ sub directory is safe, because it is a synced folder and not stored inside the VM.

In order to update the SDK to the latest version, you have to update your git working copy, destroy the VM, download the new Vagrant image and reinstall the VM.

To perform all these steps at once, use the included update script:

$ cd ~/fit14-devbox/
$ ./updateAll.sh

Working with Release Channels

You need to set up your download credentials in order to switch to other builds than the pre-installed FIT. Note that access to Beta Builds requires additional privileges.

The DevBox ships with a script to switch the installed FIT version between Release Channels. Initially the stable build is active. To check which version is currently running in your DevBox use:

$ cd ~/fit14-devbox
$ ./setup/which-version.sh
Sevenval FIT Server 14-0-7, Build: 20150505
Built-In CDR Version: 4.0-20150430-0916
Channel: fit14stable

To switch, use the following commands:

$ cd ~/fit14-devbox
$ ./setup/switch-version.sh
(b)eta (s)table? b

Choose b or s and hit enter. The script will remove the current FIT version. (However, your log files and project data will not be removed). Then the latest build of the selected channel is installed via YUM. After the installation, your configuration is restored and the services are started.

You may automate a channel switch with:

$ ./setup/switch-version.sh beta

The channel parameter can also be used to choose a specific version:

$ ./setup/switch-version.sh 14.0.6
$ ./setup/switch-version.sh 14.1.3