SDK Configuration

Vagrant Basics

Vagrant acts as interface for VirtualBox. Normally, you will never see the VitualBox again. If you start the GUI, you’ll see the fit14-devbox image and its status (running/off)

There are some useful commands:

command purpose
vagrant up Starts the VM. Automatic setup the first time.
vagrant halt Stops the VM.
vagrant reload Reboots the VM.
vagrant destroy Deletes the VM. The VirtualBox image will be cleared, memory will be released. The data in your sync files (your projects) will be kept.
vagrant provision Runs the setup again. You should use the command, when the setup-description (git) has changed.

Please note: Vagant hooks the synced folders only at vagrant up. That means that the restart within the VM (e.g. with reboot) will cause empty folders.


The fit14-devbox box runs under, which resolves on The address space is private and is used as host-only network by VirtualBox. That means the domain will only be resolved on the VM on your local machine.

Furthermore a NAT network will be established, which ensures internet access via the VM. The VM gets the same outgoing IP as the host computer.

Tip: The DNS of the host machine is used. When the DNS configuration changes (VPN on/off, location change), you have to restart the FIT VM with: vagrant reload

Synced Folder

Vagrant automatically tags the folder with the Vagrantfile as synced folder. It can be found under /vagrant/ and can be used for data transfer (e.g. extensions). The folders will be mounted with the vagrant upcommand (not with VM restart).

To ensure easy working with FIT, the projects folder will be shared with the host as follows:

Host VM
~/fit14-devbox/projects/ /var/lib/fit14/projects/
~/fit14-devbox/logs/ /var/log/fit14/
~/fit14-devbox/ /vagrant/

Important locations within the VM

location purpose
/var/lib/fit14/projects project-folder
/var/lib/fit14/global/extensions extension-folder
/opt/sevenval/fit14/conf system-configuration
/var/log/fit14 logs
/var/run/fit14 PIDs and sockets
/var/cache/fit14/engine caches (cleaning up with: rm -r projects/{yourProject})
/opt/sevenval/fit14/sbin start-scripts
/opt/sevenval/fit14/bin fitadmin
/opt/sevenval/fit14/lib/fit/bin provided tools (php, identify…)