Appendix: Web Accelerator / Version: 14.6.18 / Release date: 2020-09-09

Web Accelerator

Web Accelerator

Web Accelerator (WA) improves your website speed by up to 90 percent. The main principles are reducing the amount of data transferred to the client, minimizing the number of requests and the subsequent loading of resources. Asynchronous execution of synchronous 3rd party JavaScript code gives you two benefits in one: an enormous performance enhancement plus the regained independence from 3rd party services.

Have a look at the tutorial section to see how Web Accelerator can boost your website performance.

Image Optimization

WA automatically optimizes and scales images to match the display dimensions. Density-aware images and the adaptation of the output format are taken into account. Automatic format converting and optimization guarantee a small file size and best quality.

  • automatic image scaling to the viewport size
  • display dimensions that consider display density
  • individual scaling parameters
    • proportional and absolute scaling parameters
    • compression and quality
  • converting into the best output format
    • supported input and output formats: WebP, PNG, JPEG, SVG, GIF
    • format optimization
    • Zorro transformation

Image Acceleration

Images are often to blame for bad website performance. Our product offers several features to slim down image weight and boost performance.

  • delayed loading images
    • delayed timings
    • loading priority
    • above the fold prioritization
  • image inlining
    • dynamic base64 inlining of scaled images to reduce the number of requests
    • including CSS for advanced caching
  • SVG minifying
    • remove redundant white spaces and comments
    • remove hidden or invisible elements

Partial Page Loading

Partial Page Loading reduces the amount of data transferred to the client in a subtle, yet elegant way: only the changing contents of a website are transferred and reinterpreted. No more redundant initialization of JavaScript, CSS or images. And don’t worry about the URLs: clients display share- and bookmark-able URLs while your backend systems keep delivering complete HTML sites to the Web Accelerator.

  • Partial Page Loading
    • markup of specific DOM elements
    • offers a JavaScript API
  • sophisticated caching for requests that do not appear in address bars
    • does not affect URLs displayed in the address bar of browsers
    • affects URLs of requests that are usually not visible to a visitor, e.g. CSS requests, JavaScript requests or AJAX requests
    • information about the requesting client and the responding server is encoded in a cache key that is injected into affected URLs
    • allows caching of FIT results in CDNs and other public caches


Regular Updates and Support

Due to regular updates to our products we guarantee our clients trusted, well tested and secure new features and improvements over the license period.

Version: 14.6.18 / Release date: 2020-09-09