Appendix: Responsive Web Filter / Version: 14.6.18 / Release date: 2020-09-09

Responsive Web Filter

Responsive Web Filter

Responsive Web Filter (RWF) provides your front-end with tremendous flexibility for a responsive and adaptive layout. Responsive Web Design with Server Side Components (RESS) shifts the complexity from the client to the server. Breakpoints are already filtered at the time of delivery which reduces the amount of data to be transmitted and processed.

The Responsive Web Filter integrates as easily as a proxy and offers server side components for each existing e-commerce or content management system. That means you can continue using your existing systems and preferred technology and the front-end development can still be performed with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Delivery Context

At runtime we build up a Delivery Context which includes both feature and browser detection offering the best possible set of characteristics for filtering.

  • client-side feature detection via JavaScript
  • server side browser and device detection
    • future friendly independent hardware, OS and browser matching
    • dedicated database and professional maintenance team
  • more than 150 Delivery Context Properties for advanced breakpoints in your responsive concept
    • runtime parameters (e.g. viewport, display orientation)
    • environment parameters (SSL, live/stage/dev)
    • … and much more
  • custom properties
    • based on the existing properties you can create your own values (e.g. “smartphone”, individual breakpoints, …)

Content Filter

You can use the Delivery Context Properties to filter content based on breakpoints. All you have to do is embed Adaptation Instructions in your code.

  • powerful micro syntax for breakpoint decisions
  • text-based insertions and replacements
  • access the Delivery Context by our JavaScript API and filter client-side
  • HTTP header enrichment
    • Delivery Context property transfer to the source systems

Regular Updates and Support

Due to regular updates to our products we guarantee our clients trusted, well tested and secure new features and improvements over the license period.

Version: 14.6.18 / Release date: 2020-09-09