Appendix: Rapid Development Layer / Version: 14.6.18 / Release date: 2020-09-09

Rapid Development Layer

Rapid Development Layer

Rapid Develoment Layer (RDL) facilitates front-end adaptation without the need to tackle existing interfaces or front-end systems. That means your old frontend can be transformed into the new backend and deliver reliable content and processes for your modernized web project. The Flow determines the processing during the request cycle. You can tap into different resources and combine or modify the content.

Flow Control

The Flow represents the user definable behavior of the engine. It starts after initialization and is responsible for grabbing and parsing contents.

  • flexible configuration of the engine Flow
  • conditionally execute Flow Actions depending on URL, Delivery Context or FIDJ
  • complex request and response manipulation
  • conditional DC manipulation
  • conditional Adaptive Components registration

Flow Actions

The Actions permit the manipulation of the request/response between the existing frontend and the browser.

FIDJ Access

FIDJ (FIT Internal Data Junction) is internal data interface. FIDJ-URIs can be used in Flow Control, Flow Actions, XSLT style sheets and XML-documents.

  • access to the FIDJ System
  • share information in your project Flow
  • access to
    • plain text content
    • DOM content
    • request and response data
    • cookies
    • files


  • HTML, XML and JSON parser
    • robust HTML parser for a server-side DOM
    • JSON parser and dumper for a server-side DOM
  • Generate markups like AMP or Apple TVML
  • URL rewriting and mapping
  • request system (HTTP/HTTPS)
    • powerful request system with individual settings for each source
      • timeouts
      • HTTP header settings
      • proxy options for loading and sending
      • cookie management
  • source blocker
    • automatic detection of broken data sources with
      • notifications
      • error messages for your users
  • environmental parameters
    • live/stage/dev
    • DC availability
  • powerful JavaScript APIs
  • URL marks
    • carry parameters and states in the URL
    • use URL marks in Flow decisions or FIT actions
  • Optional:
    • FIT session
      • actions to create or reset sessions and switch their IDs

Regular Updates and Support

Due to regular updates to our products we guarantee our clients trusted, well tested and secure new features and improvements over the license period.

Version: 14.6.18 / Release date: 2020-09-09