The Moving Web

The Moving Web

The goal of designing and programming a web front-end is to create an experience. Your job is to build amazing websites with the latest frameworks and technologies.

But sometimes, even though you’ve done a great job, the experience you aimed for does not reach the user.

Product Overview

An experience is only as strong as its weakest link. And in your case this is the browser - the known unknown. Let’s have a look at the major issues that let your lovingly created experiences fall apart.


We’re not talking about quality of code, but the quality the user experiences when visiting your website.

JavaScript failures in combination with browser plug-ins or security settings, random combinations of (OS + browser) * version * hardware leave you yearning for the good old times where you tested a website simply on IE, Mozilla, Safari and (maybe) Opera. Instable network connections and the Critical Render Path have a direct impact on the individual performance: while the servers are idle, your website feels slow and laggy.

Expectation GAP

“At website XY the touch gesture with my Lumia 930 works just fine, why not on our site?”

“With the latest iOS Beta – why is the overlay menu broken?”

“Our important customer XY has internal policies to only use IE9 and BlackBerry 6”

Sounds familiar? Without even being a requirement at the start of the project…

To make things harder, it’s a fact that software gets worse over time. What Lehman already described in 1974 as the law of Continuing Change still applies: a “[…] system must be continually adapted or it becomes less satisfactory”. And while you are busy fixing “bugs”, new feature requests are piling up in the backlog.

Product Overview

The Moving Web

The web is on the move – and not only with the smartphone in your pocket. Mobile is not an exception anymore. It’s mainstream! Therefore high speed network connections, traditional keyboard and mouse input or a 1024x786 viewport are not to be taken for granted anymore. With the moving web, new requirements are popping up like mushrooms, spurred on the quickly changing technology stack and YOU have to deal with them.

Introducing Sevenval Frontend Integration Technology

Over the past 15 years we at Sevenval have learned a lot about front-end technologies. From the early days with Netscape and the Microsoft IE domination through WAP and i-mode mobile sites up to the rise of the mobile web starting with the iPhone.

We’ve bundled all this experience in our technology in order to prepare you for the moving web and its challenges. We let you focus on what you do best: building the web that we all love.

Our technology will provide your front-end with tremendous flexibility, more quality and speed, while reducing maintenance and integration cost. It’s not a framework, it’s an infrastructure component that integrates as easily as a proxy. A software product with a German quality approach, ready to run in high security or high traffic environments.

Your Tools, your Rules

Sevenval products lets you use your favorite editor, IDE, framework, program language or preferred server technology. We are proud to offer you a solution that gives you the extra, the spice, the superpower that you need to get to the next level. When good is no longer good enough.

– Your fellow Sevenval developers