Appendix: Adaptive Components / Version: 14.6.18 / Release date: 2020-09-09

Adaptive Components

Adaptive Components

Adaptive Components offer a wide variety of individually configurable elements that facilitate the creation of adaptive web solutions. Adaptive Components pursue the concept of Web Component and expand on it with server side support. This guarantees cross-browser functionality and an easily adaptable solution. With Adaptive Components you can reduce the initial effort and running costs of your project significantly.

ACs provide a means to encapsulate frontend functionality in a discrete, reusable component. As you know from the built-in ACs like the presentation Stage, ACs can register custom elements that can be used like any regular HTML element. This is a crucial part in the concept: The implementation is hidden inside the AC, while usage remains opaque. In our experience, this helps teams break a project’s code into readable, maintainable and reusable chunks. An AC mainly comprises a transformation that resembles a server-side Shadow DOM, and arbitrary asset files.

  • Create your individual components, like <my-navigation>
  • Share the components over different CMS or e-commerce systems
  • Fork the existing Production Ready Components and add your own features
  • Encapsulate a HTML shadow DOM, CSS and JavaScript
  • The Script Manager combines all local (blocking) JavaScript files into a single request

Production Ready Components

Sevenval offers a wide range of tested and certified components ready for use.


Presentation Stage

The elements are aligned either horizontally or vertically and only a certain number of elements are shown at once. To show the remaining elements of the slider, the user interacts via touch gestures or links. This behavior creates an effect known as the carousel or gallery effect.


This element used to define certain areas in a page as being scrollable. If the client does not support any of the incarnations, its content will be arranged in the direction that should have been initially scrollable.


Accordions are elements used to expand and collapse content that is broken into logical sections, much like tabs.

Off Canvas Navigation

The typical hamburger responsive Menue, with smooth animations

This Component enables you to define clickable Links for Phonenumbers if the client supports them.


Icon automatically adds all kind of favicons, touch icons and tile icons in different sizes to your project.

Regular Updates and Support

Due to regular updates to our products we guarantee our clients trusted, well tested and secure new features and improvements over the license period.

Version: 14.6.18 / Release date: 2020-09-09