Flow action set-config

The set-config action is used to override settings of the current site configuration at runtime.


The action expects configuration elements as child nodes. It has no attributes.


  <!-- Secure checkout -->
  <set-config if="contains(request/url, '/checkout')">
      <force-backend-https enable="true"/>


The given config elements are merged with the existing settings in conf/config.xml. If a config element is already set, their attributes are merged. Otherwise, the element is copied into the configuration.

If the enable attribute is not explicitly defined for a setting, enable="true" is appended. Therefore, the following examples are equivalent:

<force-https enable="true"/>

Although the config syntax forbids the redeclaration of settings, you may override the same setting with set-config actions multiple times.

Be aware that the config settings are evaluated at different points of time. Some settings, such as security/force-client-https are evaluated before the flow starts. Others, such as force-backend-https affect requests that may run at any time in the flow. Changing those settings with set-config after they are used, will have no effect. However, most options are used after the flow.