Flow action register-xslt

The register-xslt action acts just like the xslt action but is called at the very end of the DOM manipulations performed by FIT.

The registered XSL will be processed after the processing of Adaptive Components, after the rewriting of URLs and before the minification of HTML and the registered Regex actions.

This action is preferably used to workaround bugs. In case you find yourself using this action either FIT or your site is probably broken.

At most one register-xslt action is allowed in the flow.

For usage, tips and errors, see the information on the xslt action.


  • src="..." path to the XSLT file (required)
  • cache="..." set to false to disable the XSLT compiler cache (optional, default is true). The XSLT cache requires FIT_XSLT_USE_CACHE setting in fit.ini to be left at the default value, true.
  • in="..." to define the input location (optional, default is fit://request/content)
  • out="..." to define the output location (optional, default is fit://request/content)


<register-xslt src="myXSLT.xsl" />
<register-xslt src="fit://site/config/myXSLT.xsl" cache="false" />
<register-xslt src="myXSLT.xsl" in="fit://request/content/test" out="fit://request/content/test" />