Flow action copy

The copy action copies data from one location to another. It has the following attributes:

  • in="..." to define the input location (optional, default is fit://request/content)
  • out="..." to define the output location (optional, default is fit://request/content)


This action is used, when content has to be stored in a certain internal location without being changed.

It is often used to inject local data as main content without relying on the main URL. For example, use fit://site/public/start.html

<copy in="fit://site/public/start.html" if="..." />

This behaves the same way like a default-request action, if the main URL was fit://site/public/start.html. It is recommended to configure the start URL in conf/urlmap.xml. However, a copy action gives you more flexibility in defining conditions. If you copy data to fit://request/content no subsequent default-request action will run, because the main content is already present.

The action also copies the meta data attached to the input data (original URL, mime-type, parser) to the output data. Thus you can rely on the correct parser or URL normalization to be used, when working on the copied data.

When the input data has no meta information (which is the case for all local files), content type and parser are derived from the file extension. Make sure to store your files with proper extensions as data.html or data.xml.


If the input is not present, a warning will be logged. But this is not considered an error. The Flow will continue.