A parser is a software component that reads, analyzes and translates the source document for further work steps. For different source types we use different parsers. By default, FIT uses an auto parser for your source files, that decides based on the HTTP response header field Content-Type, which parser to use. You can specify an explicit parser for your sources in the sources.xml as well.


  <source host="" path="/json-api">
    <parser value="json" /> <!-- can also be xml, html, js, css, false -->


The HTML parser analyzes HTML source documents. The type of HTML parser can be configured in the config.xml. You can set two different kinds of HTML parser.

        <html5-parser />


By default, the HTML4 parser is used which fits for all HTML4 conforming documents.


For all HTML5 source documents you should use the HTML5 parser which is fully conformal with the HTML5 specifications, and robust and resilient to bad input. You can enabled it by setting the <html5-parser /> element.