Adaptive Component: AC-Phonelink

This Adaptive Component enables you to define clickable links for phonenumbers if the client supports them.


Use the register-ac action to enable the AC-Phonelink in your site.

  <register-ac name="ac-phonelink" />
  <default-request />
  <parse />

The ac-phonelink AC does not modify the Delivery Context.


The ac-phonelink element has the following attributes:

  • number="..." is mandatory and expects a MSISDN.
  • type="..." is optional and can be used to create a sms or mms link, if the client supports these types of links.

All other attributes of the ac-phonelink element are passed to the newly created a.


<ac-phonelink number="0123456789" id="something">call 0123 456 789</ac-phonelink>
<ac-phonelink number="0123456789" type="sms" class="smsclass">text 0123 456 789</ac-phonelink>
<ac-phonelink number="0123456789" type="mms">message 0123 456 789</ac-phonelink>

Would render into something like:

<a href="tel://0123456789" id="something">call 0123 456 789</a>
<a href="sms://0123456789" class="smsclass">text 0123 456 789</a>
<a href="mms://0123456789">message 0123 456 789</a>

if the client supports these links, otherwise it would fall back to:

<a id="something">call 0123 456 789</a>
<a class="smsclass">text 0123 456 789</a>
<a>message 0123 456 789</a>