This documentation is for an outdated version: 14.6.13. The current version is 14.6.17 - get the documentation here.

Adaptive Component: AC-Scroll

This Adaptive Component enables you to define areas in a page as being scrollable as long as the element has a set height. It will try several methods to circumvent any possible limitations that the client may have. The content will be encapsulated by a div element.


Use the register-ac action to enable the AC-Scroll in your site.

  <register-ac name="ac-scroll" />
  <default-request />
  <parse />


The ac-scroll element wraps potentially scrollable content. HTML5 global attributes can be used on this element.

Note: CSS overflow-x and overflow-y instructions have no effect on AC-Scroll elements.


<ac-scroll id="scroller">
  <h1>Scroll Example</h1>
  <p>A plain scroller, nothing fancy.</p>

  • AC-Stage in AC-Scroll may not work properly in Mobile Internet Explorers.
  • AC-Scroll in AC-Stage may not work properly in Mobile Internet Explorers.