SVG Minifying

SVG resources delivered by the FIT server can be minified automatically. This reduces the amount of data that has to be transferred to the client, which in turn reduces latency.


SVG minifying is disabled by default.

You can enable minifying of SVGs with the setting svg-minifying in conf/config.xml. Note that SVG minifying currently requires image-scaling to be enabled:

    <svg-minifying />
    <image-scaling />

Fine-Grained Control

SVG minifying can be disabled for individual images by setting the attribute ai-scale to false for those elements.

The minified SVG images are cached in a public cache by default. To disable caching for specific images, set the attribute ai-scaling-cache to false.


  • Redundant white space is removed.
  • Comments are removed.
  • Hidden or invsible elements are removed. Caution: This may break interactive SVGs that contain script code!